I've helped thousands of hard-working couples create intentional, evolving, fulfilling relationships.  Are you next?

It's very easy to lose track of ourselves amid the inspiration, aspiration, and dedication of a successful career path. 

And when we lose ourselves we simply cannot authentically connect to another.

I've seen the impact many years of day-to-day grind can have on intimate relationships first hand. 

Over the last ten years I've created a process using clinical expertise, scientific research in relationships, and professional experience to identify your strengths as well as your areas for growth in relationship through relationship coaching. 

First we identify areas for growth across six foundational pillars of success for lasting love. We’ll take a look at your shared strengths, resilience, areas for personal development, trustworthiness, blocks and baggage, as well as the overall wellness of your partnership.

Then I'll draw from the best relationship expertise around the world to share tools and resources to support your growth. As a coach, I'm all about creating awareness to help you move forward.  We build upon your strengths to create a clear vision and a strategic plan of how you can reach your goals together.  


Gina made the hard stuff seem so much easier.
I don’t think we’d still be together without her.
— Ben & Amaya, Portland, OR


These are the evidence-based foundations for successful lasting love and the core of all the couples work I do. Understanding them is essential to creating a structurally sound partnership that lasts.

relationship strengths assessment


Most relationship draws out the conflicts and areas of pain between you- only focusing on the negative. We believe that real health comes not simply from identifying areas of weakness, but in drawing upon strengths to remedy them.

In our work we’ll look closely at the areas of strength you share, and the unique gifts you each bring to the partnership to help cultivate and honor them as you move forward.

trust in relationships | assessment


The absolute foundation of lasting relationships is a trustworthy core. We’ll use the most recent scientific studies on trust to assess the trust in your partnership and see where we can enhance it using real research.

Learn which areas of trust need strengthening in your relationship and what to do about it.

self awareness.png


In order for a relationship to really thrive it has to grow and change with the two of you as you grow and change. But there’s a million different paths to self-awareness. You need a path tailored to you.

So let’s take a look at the areas you’re each working on individually and where you might each focus to improve your relationship.

relationship clarity


Every couple who’s been together a while has some past hurts, that’s part of the process. But resentment and unresolved hurt will drive a wedge between you over time.

Together we’ll work on ways to heal those old wounds once and for all. We’ll learn from them to build systems and interaction patterns that nourish you instead of drain you.

Once we’ve cleared the path we can look forward and carve out a bright shared vision for the two of you.

partnership strengths


Very few of us are taught healthy relationship skills form a young age. Let’s look at the communication and life management skills you’re currently using and assess their efficacy.

With that information we can implement the science of lasting connection to help you two work together to build a fulfilling shared life more lovingly.

relationship resilience |healthy relationships


In our work together we’ll review the well-researched resiliency factors in every lasting relationship. Bolstering your resiliency will help the two of you withstand challenges moving forward.

This area will help you feel like you’re a great team again. Who doesn’t want a solid teammate?


Gina made the hard stuff seem so much easier. I don’t think we’d still be together without her.
— Brian & Amaya, Portland, Or

is this for US?

Folks who need relationship coaching tend to fall into two main groups: laying a foundation, or revisiting their foundation. Read the descriptions below to see where you might fit:

relationship renewal.png

If you're brewing something exciting together...

... starting a family

... getting hitched

... building a business

Let's lay a solid foundation for your dreams.  This work is the first step to building something beautiful.

Most couples who've been together a little while start to struggle.  This is where we work it out. 

  • reconnect with passion

  • change communication patterns

  • heal misunderstandings

  • envision and create a purposeful shared future

    Let me help you revitalize your shared vision and create a plan to get there.

Before if we fought we wouldn’t speak for days. Now it’s like 30 minutes and we hug.
— Jenny & Jeff, Chicago, Illinois


Thank you for your work with us-we are experiencing so much positive growth in our relationship and are really grateful.
— Tara & AJ, Honolulu, Hawaii
Gina makes the most complex parts of our relationship problems really easy to understand. I didn’t know I needed to learn so much about relationships. 
I walked away seeing things from a new perspective.
— Dan & Megan, Buffalo, NY
I’m really not a big therapy person, but Gina made it easy to talk to her without judging us and her help really got us thinking bigger about what we need in life and from each other.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad we went through it.
— Adam & Cassandra, Beaverton, OR
In our very first session Gina saw something in us I hadn’t realized in seven years together. That shifted everything.
— Sarah & Tara, Portland, Oregon
We fight less now. And when we do it’s way better. We get over it quicker and I don’t always worry she’s leaving me.
— Elsa & Erikah, Portland, Oregon
Living purposefully has been the key to my success at work so when we started having some tension at home I realized I wanted to put that same intentionality into my relationship. 

We met Gina at World Domination Summit and she helped us reconnect with our core values and desires and make a plan for our beautiful future.
— Ken & Kris, Atlanta, GA