compassionate divorce

What is Conscious Uncoupling?

Some of the people who begin this process of discernment realize they want to end part of their relationship and still stay in loving compassionate partnership or friendship at the same time.

There’s not a lot of support in our culture for more creative relationship transformations, but that is often what folks are seeking when we talk about conscious uncoupling.

Conscious Uncoupling Expertise from the Source

Watch this Wanderlust talk by Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of the book Conscious Uncoupling about what this means if you think that may be a path forward for you.

Here are the basics of Conscious Uncoupling:

  • It is natural to want to stay in connection with past lovers. Historically we stayed in lifelong connections with interconnections rather than end relationships without any further contact.

  • It is possible to have a loving happy post-divorce (or break up) family if all partners are committed to that vision.

  • With clear intention, self regulation and support you can share generous care for your partner- even if your relationship evolves more into friendship than romantic partnership.