Five Questions to Create Your Elevator Pitch

I read a blog recently that outlined "how to create your elevator pitch" and have been spending a lot of time thinking about how to clarify my interests to help clients find me.  I have always been a dabbler, multiple interests and talents pulling me in seemingly different directions.  Marie Forleo calls me a "multifaceted entrepreneur."  Which has led to a rich and fulfilling life filled with wide-ranging adventures.  I don't regret this life at all, and of course my varied travels and studies influence my work.

So how do I explain that quickly to potential clients and referral sources?

I don't.

It's not that the range isn't important when connecting, but in that 60-second elevator speech conversation or intro, it's just not helpful.  Just as it has left me unclear about my expertise, too much information leaves my contacts confused.

I have spent these first two weeks of 2013 meditating on my professional purpose in private practice using these five questions to guide me.  Maybe they can help you.

1.  Who are you?

2.  What do you do?

3.  How do you do your work?

4.  Why do you do this work?

5.  Who do you love to work with?

I've used these questions to guide coaching sessions with new clients in the new year and have had great results helping awesome people find clarity.  One client said it renewed his creative energy and a fabulous couple said it helped them understand each other better.

I recommend writing the questions on large blank pieces of paper.  Read them aloud and then sleep on them.  Take a walk.  Let your mind wander.  Come back to it later and without censor or critique write the words and phrases that come to mind (I did the writing for one client while he spoke, which helped him process faster).  There are no wrong answers.  Let them rest again, and come back again to refine them into phrases or sentences that resonate with you.  You'll know when you find your fit.  I'm happy to help if you'd like.

I'll be posting pictures on my Facebook page soon so you can see the wonderful ways people have made this process their own.  I look forward to hearing about how this works for you!